The X-Files S10.E2 ‘Founder’s Mutation’

Mulder is back to his unorthodox best and I retract some of my reservations about the dynamic of the straight man and the comic. Episode two is revealing and the character development of the mainstays is still at the forefront of the X-Files constitution. Dana Scully is the consummate professional when working with Mulder as she manages to completely maintain her investigational integrity and focus only on the testimony of tangible evidence. Fox Mulder maintains his primary fascination with experience, his senses and collecting just enough hard evidence to drip feed Dana to keep her invested in his crusade, which leads an audience speculate, is Fox actually manipulating his colleague? Is he using Dana to collect his own breadcrumbs so that she might later use them to corroborate his ‘spooky’ ongoing theory of hybrid colonisation?

founders mutation screencap X-files

This episode revisits some all time favourite themes of laboratory based eugenics, mind control leading to unintended outcomes and paranormal theft… but to what end? Tonight the conspiracy grew larger as we met Doctor Augustus Goldman, a doctor who may or may not be conducting department of defence experiments on embryos which result in the odd unquantifiable, gifted child in twenty. He operates in a clandestine environment, the cloak around which is perpetuated by a puritanical Catholic hospital (Our Lady of Sorrows from earlier episodes) who are committed to helping unwanted (and in this case, disfigured) children and the department of defence who are funding his research/experiments. The involvement of the Catholic hospital in the story is a metaphor for Scully’s entire character (just as Truth Squad with Tad O’Malley wa a metaphor for Mulder’s character in the first episode). There are more questions posed than answers again this time out about the true purpose and origin of the genetically superior children, however their may be some clues to the story arc by the constant presence of Planet of the Apes in the background of the episode. We also revisit William (Mulder and Scully’s son) as a potential theory emerges that could personally connect the two agents to the current line of enquiry. And we also learn that Mulder is a moon landing believer.

For me the flashbacks weren’t as good in this episode as they were in the last one. I’m picky because they’re my favourite story devices for an episodical format like this, they have so much potential for adding to a great story foundation. They kind of worked with Duchovny but needed more work with Anderson in my opinion, or maybe I’m just getting picky. Still, this stacks up well against ninety percent of competing television today and I’m confident that overall the season as a whole will prove itself to be just a brilliant as the original.

Final Verdict: Continue to be sucked in

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