The X-Files S10.E1 ‘My Struggle’

Honestly any hastily written review should have precedence of the Revenant and Hateful Eight and this one is no exception. Australia finally got its first and for some reason horribly delayed taste of the X-Files last night (the sooner media geo-rights are dead, the better). With a view to declaring my interests early for this one, as an X-Files nut, the standalone paranormal investigation episodes of the original seasons were always my favourites but I’ll delved into this series with an open mind and fresh eyes as much as I could.

In this first episode back they covered a lot of conspiracy theory ground, attempting to capture everything from the 11/9 US terrorist attacks, through cover-ups of the Iraq war and other global government embarrassments exposed by Wikileaks and Snowden whistleblowing on real-time state-sponsored spyware. The clear setup is that we’re right back in the middle of the X-Files overarching multi-national elitist conspiracy universe discussing everything from Roswell to the Kelly Cahill abduction, energy companies keeping zero-point energy underwraps to unupentium. What is impressive so far about this new series is how quickly I was able to set aside my reservations about reboots in general and be drawn in. This feels like the X-files of old. Mulder is forced to re-evaluate his beliefs or at least shift his perspective yet again. While this is a little bit overplayed in the first episode, in general the storyline of an abductee shadily connected to a shock-host of an analytical conspiracy program who is planning to go public with evidence of an international plot to overthrow and subjugate the human race is absorbing and compelling. There are a few jumps in logic, especially around how Agent Scully might actually define and identify alien biology in human DNA and exactly what Fox Mulder has been doing since the X-Files was closed (seemingly just waiting around for Dana to call) and as usual, when on the cusp of publishing, the rug might be pulled out from under them with all of the hard evidence destroyed.

This is why I love the format of serial television so much more than film: the fact that over the long duration of 6 episodes mini-series, all of these questions will be extrapolated and answered. The new cast members deliver a solid performance. My only fear is that with the complex relationship between Mulder and Scully might have forever compromised. Their dynamic as the straight man (Scully) and the comic (Mulder) which works so well in the earlier seasons is glimpsed in this episode, but the main emphasis is definitely on conflict and the dramatic tension (maybe sleeping with your co-worker really does ruin the workplace for everyone). Regardless of its potential flaws, this programme has so much credit with me that I’m well committed to being glued to this for the duration. In fact, they should just keep making this until David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson & Chris Carter either die or can’t work anymore. I forgot how much of a contribution this show made to my healthy scepticism of public and private officials and hopefully the reboot gives a new generation the ability to think for themselves and question authority. This also might be the only good thing fox touch this year, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Verdict: Vital to your future existence

Ehonda. Passing out.

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