Point Break feels like pointless break

Going in I had high hopes that the Point Break reboot would at least be entertaining. While the stunt sequences were impressive and some shots downright stunning, the fact that the plot and dialogue were so painful and grating that it made this film almost unwatchable.

The original point break I remember had a plausible, entertaining story. This did not. This film delivered just about the worst dialogue and worst female part written for any movie you will see this year. In fact I felt sorry for the cast and crew for being attached to this. If it were a stunt adventure film alone then it would have been great and probably cheaper to make. However with it’s awkward mesh stunts and narrative drama plot it felt like a situation where the stunts were planned first and then a loose script was written to try and sell it as a feature film.

First of all it’s full of contradictions, jumps in logic and scenes so awkward and unrealistic that any attempt at suspension of disbelief is utterly disrupted. For example, when the characters reference the (fictional) Ozaki Eight (eight trials of endurance that disciples of Ozaki must perform in a ritualistic fashion to reach enlightenment), at one point Samsara (Teresa Palmer) is talking about how no one really knows anything about the mysterious Ozaki. Then a few scenes later she knows everything about his death and his philosophies via direct contact with one of his students. Furthermore the character of Samsara herself is so painful to watch, her part purely exists to satisfy the love interest status quo. She is apparently a groupie who has attached herself to the gang of thrill seeking robin hood’s as a communal concubine who stays home and kicks around rocks on a hill at the back of the hut and cooks dinner while the lads are off flying around in their wingsuits. Seriously, why not write her in as a major character in the gang who is contributing to the group effort and attempting to pass the eight trials herself? There is more believability and exposition of a deep connection and a developing romance between Bodhi and (Johnny) Utah, and they certainly have more in common than between any two other characters.

I tried to find a redeeming metaphor or message in this film to leave a positive note beyond the well executed and beautifully photographed stunts. But I can’t. This is half-arse, pseudo-philosophical studio system junk. I hope the cast and crew can find themselves another project to do something more worthy of the big screen screen for their next outings because, frankly, this felt like watching the bisexual porn-parody of the original Point Break (Loin Ache would have been more entertaining)

Final Verdict: Please don’t watch.

Ehonda – Sadfacing all the way home.

Written by ehonda

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