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Do the fantasies you watch or create on a screen impact the person you are in reality? Can a person learn anything or take anything useful away from films or playing games? Do your genes or geography have any bearing on the stories you will engage with and find entertaining? When it comes to mainstream media consumption I do my best to approach content with an open mind. I’ll watch pretty much anything, but there are definitely some characters in some stories that resonate with me more deeply in others.

This project is about appreciating all forms of the moving image equally on the same criteria – story and film language are king, everything else comes second. I’m strapping my eyes into the clockwork-orange-style specula to watch, record and discuss anything that is seeable, in no particular order, and hopefully expose some great films worth watching or re-watching along the way. I want to get down and dig into the dirty depths of why I love the entertainment I enjoy and why I despise the entertainment I hate.Of course I open to suggestions on what to watch. If you have any review requests or any other thoughts or comments then post them up and I’ll get to them as soon as I can.

Written by ehonda

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