Marco Polo Season 2 Netflix – A Soft History of the Mongol Empire

Marco Polo is a fictional historical drama that borrows the identity of the Venetian merchant of the same name. The storylines, particularly in the first season, are told through Marco’s (aka The Latin’s) eyes (played by Lorenzo Richelmy) as he is pressed into the service of Kublai Khan (played by Benedict Wong). In the second… Read more »

The X-Files S10.E2 ‘Founder’s Mutation’

Mulder is back to his unorthodox best and I retract some of my reservations about the dynamic of the straight man and the comic. Episode two is revealing and the character development of the mainstays is still at the forefront of the X-Files constitution. Dana Scully is the consummate professional when working with Mulder as… Read more »

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The Revenant & The Real Hugh Glass

The Revenant tells the story of a legendary explorer (Hugh Glass) who is mauled by an animal and subsequently left for dead by his travelling party. The inhospitable setting is in the hostile wilderness surrounding the Upper Missouri River in the United States. If this movie had followed the true story of Hugh Glass, while fascinating in… Read more »

The X-Files S10.E1 ‘My Struggle’

Honestly any hastily written review should have precedence of the Revenant and Hateful Eight and this one is no exception. Australia finally got its first and for some reason horribly delayed taste of the X-Files last night (the sooner media geo-rights are dead, the better). With a view to declaring my interests early for this one,… Read more »

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Point Break feels like pointless break

Going in I had high hopes that the Point Break reboot would at least be entertaining. While the stunt sequences were impressive and some shots downright stunning, the fact that the plot and dialogue were so painful and grating that it made this film almost unwatchable. The original point break I remember had a plausible,… Read more »

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Bad City is a stupid-cool place if you want to live in a heightened-reality Vampire flick cross Western. This film initiates us into a world where carnage, chaos, sin and piles of dead bodies are normal parts of everyday life. Nobody is entirely good here, just varying degrees of shifty and it’s fantastic that in… Read more »

Oh Boy [a.k.a – A Coffee In Berlin]

In my latest small screen adventure I visited Berlin. Oh Boy is in some ways a study of first world problems and social inadequacies – that doesn’t mean the characters or the story come off as shallow. In fact it is Niko’s faulty front of casual arrogance that the film plays on and draws you… Read more »

Star Wars: Return of The Force Awakens

The dark side has a new prodigal son but a familiar feeling all around. Lets look at the good, the bad and the ugly sides of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (Please note that this article may contain spoilers and is intended to be read after you have seen the movie!) In this fresh instalment;… Read more »

Kinoshima is a cult for lovers of the moving image

Welcome Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Asia, Oceania and The Rest of the World!   Do the fantasies you watch or create on a screen impact the person you are in reality? Can a person learn anything or take anything useful away from films or playing games? Do your genes or geography have any bearing on the stories… Read more »